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Ceram-X – Bottle  $95.00

Single Product Polish system that will can remove sanding marks and finish to swirl-free shine without the need for multiple compounds and polishes. Mil-gauge tested to be safest polishing system developed (complete removal of sanding marks down to swirl-free finish removing the least amount of material compared to other compounds/polishes). Controlled Abrasive Technology (CAT) formulated using highly-refined abrasives totally different than unstable Diminishing Abrasive Technology (DAT). Nano-emulsion without fillers that simply hide and conceal swirl marks/holograms found in most compounds/polishes. Waterborne technology allows for easy clean-up (no cement-hard compound residue and the ability to polish in direct sunlight) Water-based formula which allows it to be applied in direct sunlight and is safe for the environment unlike solvent-based compounds, Ceram-X is easily wiped clean from crevices, plastics, and door jams with a microfiber towel.

D1 Polish Enhancer

D1 Polish Enhancer – bottle $65.00

Nano-emulsified, Controlled Abrasive Technology (CAT) True waterborne technology means easy clean-up and no heavy solvent odour. Formulated using Controlled Abrasive Technology (CAT) for tighter consistency and control.  Body shop safe formulation. Can be used with Ceram-X as a follow-up polish to produce 4K clarity for the true perfectionist (nano-emulsified, aluminium oxide abrasives 10x smaller than that of Ceram-X)

Q7 Wax

Q7 Wax – bottle $ 39.00

Can be Used in Direct Sunlight, on hot Paint. The best car wax that represents the winning balance of features and benefits. True waterborne technology allows for use in direct sunlight. True carnauba protection produces show car depth and gloss. Nano-emulsified technology provides a non-staining formulation. Use directly on exterior black trim to enhance and protect as you wax your paint

Q7 Detailer

Q7 Detailer – bottle $35.00

The best quick detail spray for the automotive market! This product works on every surface, yes gloss, flat, in the sun or shade, leather or vinyl yes every surface, and with a special step the best glass cleaner on the market too. Spray detailer/Gloss Enhancer. Won’t strip wax and contains no abrasives. Use on all paint surfaces including matte finishes (paint, PPF, vinyl wraps, decals, etc) Excellent interior detailer: vinyl, plastic, leather, dashboard, etc. Body shop safe detailer.

Nu Tyre Lotion

Nu Tyre Lotion – bottle $39.00

The Best tire dressing for the body shop. Non greasy looks like a new tyre, no more mess. Premium Tyre dressing that dries to the touch. No-sling tyre shine. True waterborne technology, body shop safe, and can be layered for additional shine. Anti-static formulation. Premium dressing for exterior and interior use (vinyl, plastic, rubber, coated leather, etc)