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Quick-Glo – Original 

Quick-Glo Original – $ 28.00 per tub

Using a unique mix of silicas and pumice, the Original formula very effectively and quickly removes rust from bubbling or heavily pitted chrome.
Not only do the hard waxes leave a lustrous shine, they leave a protective coating on the surface, which blocks moisture and thus helping to delay the re-appearance of rust.
Also works well on other hard metals such as steel and stainless steel and gives great results on shower doors, faded patio furniture, plated fasteners and much more.
As this is an abrasive product, excessive pressure or extended usage on soft metals, mirrors and polycarbonate could possibly leave micro scratches, so always test a small area first.

Should always be applied and buffed with a Micro-Fiber cloth.

Quick-Glo – Fine

Quick-Glo Fine – $ 28.00 per tub

Containing specially selected grades of pumice, the Fine formula is less aggressive than Original. It quickly and effectively removes rust from lightly rusted or lightly pitted chrome, whilst still leaving a lustrous shine and a protective layer which helps to delay rust from re-appearing.
Also gives great results on lighted oxidized passivated items, (zinc plating etc.), glass, mirrors and polycarbonate and is ideal for maintaining your finish after using the Original formula to restore.
As this is an abrasive product, always test a small area for suitability first. Should always be applied with a Micro-Fiber cloth.

Quick-Glo – P-3 Ultra

Quick-Glo P-3 Ultra – $ 32.00 per tub

The newest addition to the product range contains 3 micron pumice (at least five times finer than the thickness of human hair), which leaves a super fine finish on highly polished surfaces such as pristine chrome and other highly polished metals, milled aluminum, soft and precious metals, polycarbonate, PVC, rubber, glass and mirrors.  Also works very effectively to bring back the shine to molded ABS plastics, such as those used extensively on motorcycles.

Again, the formulated waxes leave a lustrous shine and protect the finish by delaying the ingress of moisture.
It is also ideal for maintaining your finish or after prior usage of Original and/or Fine formulas to restore.
Although this formula should never scratch or mark, you should always test a small area first to check for suitability.